Owner Resources

By purchasing a property in the River District, you have automatically become a member of the River District Homeowners Association, and if a Townhome owner also a member of the River District Townhome Association.

The formal document which establishes and governs these Associations is the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions for Lonesome Dove Subdivision” – more commonly known as the CC&R’s. A complete copy of the CC&R’s is linked to the left of this page. It is recommended that you read and familiarize yourself with these documents as they outline many important rights, restrictions and obligations affecting River District properties and occupants. All property owners and occupants are responsible for knowing the contents of these documents and abiding by them.

As outlined in Article 8 of the CC&R’s, the HOA is governed by a Board of Directors and Officers (BOD). This governing body is charged with (among other duties) establishing community rules and regulations, maintaining and operating common areas, establishing annual operating and long term capital budgets and levying assessments. For the foreseeable future, the River District HOA BOD will be jointly controlled by the development owners and development/construction managers.

The BOD has elected to engage Elitharp Property Management (EPM) to provide “hands-on” direct oversight and professional management of the HOA. In this role, EPM will implement policies and procedures enacted by the BOD. Among other duties, EPM involvement will include billing and collecting quarterly assessments, enforcing covenants and rules, overseeing the maintenance/repair of common areas, providing accounting services and producing financial statements. In addition to managing the “nuts and bolts” business aspects of the HOA, EPM will foster a sense of community within River District by offering residents communication tools in the way of newsletters, a community web site and more. As the community grows in size and population, the HOA may also be involved in offering social opportunities that will help further foster a sense of neighborhood and community.