Parking Policy

River District Parking Map 7-24-18 no rules


Following appropriate parking practices will help to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community. When problems occur, a neighborly conversation can go a long way to maintaining a friendly atmosphere.  As a reminder, the basic guidelines for parking within the subdivision are as follows:

  • Parking on the street of recreational vehicles, boats, campers, trailers and the like other than in garages is limited to short term (72 hours or less) purposes and no more than .
  • Garages are not to be altered or used in any manner that would prohibit them from being utilized for their intended purposes of vehicle storage. (A 30 day exception will be made during the initial occupancy period for new buyers.)
  • Storage or parking of inoperable vehicles is not permitted.
  • Ingress and egress to townhomes with shared driveways is to be used as an access easement only, and not intended to be utilized for parking at any time.
  • While residential street parking within the subdivision is permitted, please be mindful that City of Eagle restrictions apply, which limits vehicle parking to a period not to exceed seventy two (72) continuous hours.
  • All streets within the subdivision are “single loaded”, meaning that parking is restricted to one side of the street only. Please be mindful of this requirement, and inform your visiting guests. Please see the illustration above.
  • Alleyways are not intended to be used for parking of any duration. The alleyways within the subdivision serve as emergency vehicle access points, and under no circumstances are they to be utilized for parking.
  • For parking complaints on public streets or alley ways, please contact Ada County Sheriff City of Eagle Substation at 208-938-2260.  For parking complaints on private property, please contact Elitharp Property Management (EPM) through the portal.